Family Pictures - 2011

Ha. So almost exactly a year ago, while Madi was out here visiting from NY, we took some family pictures.

Then Madi went back to NY and was busy working on other projects.

And then she decided to go on a mission.

And then her computer crashed.

So pretty much we never got the pictures. But yesterday I started looking around on her external hard drive, and lo and behold, I found them! I grabbed a couple of them and figured - even though they are a year old - it's better late than never!

The weird thing is that while looking at through pictures, I didn't feel like Hadley looked all that different (besides the hair). Till she came around the corner yelling "TINKLE TINKLE YITTLE TAR" and I about flipped. The girl in these pictures is a baby - and the girl standing in front of me is a complete toddler. A full grown kid who this morning used her grown-up ways to coerce a 1 year old into giving her some of her cake ("I have more bread? more? Say yes *signing yes.* Say peeeeze"). The baby in these pictures couldn't do that. The baby in these pictures also couldn't have been coerced into giving up cake under any sort of circumstances.

How does time pass so freaking fast?


Carlie said...

I'm glad those pictures weren't lost for good! They all look great!

Brittany Bauer said...

Love everything about this post!!!