Gross gross gross.

Today was bad. Like... baby diarrhea all over the kitchen and living room carpet bad.

After getting over a weird 1 day sickness thing (food poisoning?), I was a little weary of starting the day with two babies (did I mention I started nannying?) and taking on the task of potty training. But I was ready. Hadi was ready. And she was giddy about the idea of getting a "ciner-rewa pincess" band aid if she used her potty. The war had begun.

But even I know when to admit defeat and surrender, even if it was only after a couple hours. Another day, another time I guess. The battle lost, but not the war, right?

At least tonight ended on a good note:

Her singing is my most favoritest.

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Petersons said...

she is the best singer EVER!!!