Joshua Radin @ The Depot

Back in July Madi surprised me with Joshua Radin tickets since he was coming before she left for the MTC. You all know my obsessions by now right? 

Harry Potter, cats, 30 Rock, and Joshua Radin.

I was freaking when I opened up an envelope with my name on it and found little confetti-like pieces of joshua radin's face, and a ticket for his concert on July 17th. FUH-REAKING. And then I remembered that meant Hadley would have to be put down (for bed, not like the animal put down) by Jake for the first time in who knows how long. That meant no nursing before bed. And we all know Hadley's obsessions by now, right?

Cheese, Elmo, and nursing. Like,

So, needless to say, I was a little distracted driving up to the concert not knowing what kind of Hell was awaiting Jake come bedtime. And of course, just to spite me for all my worrying, there wasn't a single problem. She went down with out an issue. 

So that news combined with an amazing live performance from J-man himself (you bet I can call him that) meant I couldn't wipe the smile from my face. 

 Free water!
 Tristan Prettyman opening - also wonderful

And just so that I can play this on repeat and pretend I am still there, here are a few clips, clumped together in one video for maximum happiness and enjoyment:

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Alex said...

When I was working nights right before we moved to Cali I was always worried about Brett putting Kate down. She always went straight to bed for him without a problem. On the nights I was home she would SCREAM. For like an hour. No matter what. Dads have no idea how awesome their lives are :)