She kept looking over at me and saying "byyeee mom. see yater. bye mom" -Like, get a grip mom. See ya.

Tonight Hadley is having her first sleepover. By herself. With out me there.


As we came home and walked in the door it hit me that she wasn't with us and I realized how wrong it felt to come home without her. She is always with me when I come home. It is such a weird feeling to have the child who has been attached to your side their whole suddenly.. not there.

Pathetic much? Probably. And in the morning I will hug that child like there is no tomorrow. These mommy-emotions are wacked. (and it probably doesn't help what time of the month it is...)

When did my kid become old enough for this? Is this how it's going to feel when she goes to school/college/gets married? Holy freak. *paaaaaaaaaanic aatttttaaaaacccckkkk*

*breathe in* She's only 2. *breath out.* It's just a sleepover. 


Katy said...

good way to work no giving up nursing?

Petersons said...

she had so much fun and did soooooo great!!! i know it almost killed you but it must be done again!

Jeannette & Brandt said...

How adorable! Just wait til you have your second child and you leave for the hospital knowing that your baby wont be your baby anymore. Crazy!

Brissa said...

what the what?!?!?!?! i had my first sleepover when i was sixteen. it was an illegal sleepover!!! my parents didn't know. WHY IS SHE ALREADY SO MUCH COOLER THAN ME?!?!?!