The Day.

I'm not even going to pretend that this post isn't going to be full of way too many pictures. A 2 part birthday post? Get a grip. I have issues.

Here we go!

 Birthday green smoothie
Birthday Muffin

 We love farm country!

 While we were looking at the ducks we heard this ridiculously loud noise and thought surely one of the pigs was killing the other. Turns out that middle guy was just trying to squeeze his way in between the other two and they weren't cooperating. Go figure.

 something about those jeggings and salt water sandals makes me real happy..

For the missionary:

 Part 2 coming soon.


Carlie said...

That is such a great family picture of you three! Looks like a fun birthday!

Brittany Bauer said...

Ok I just thought of a million of comments while I looked at these. Here are a few..
1. Is she looking at the same thing in the side by side pictures of her on Jake's shoulders??? SOO Cute!
2. You are sooo gorgeous in all of these pictures!
3. One of Pres and Hadi in the red window and Hadi laughing... I just died!!! That laugh is so cute!
4. Family pic with Hadi smiling at you two, ADORABLE!
5. I need more pictures!


Brissa said...

bacon is everywhere in your life. i'm jealous.