The Night.

*400 posts, baby!*

The night post is only half as ridiculously long. Not bad.

 The "Super Duper Computer" courtesy of Brin

 Hadi's "Super Why" cake
 Super Why book
 Show off
 Baby high heels


 the no-hands cake eating content
Cinderella gear courtesy of Aunt Ki-Ki. Posing with "da daddy one, da mommy one and da baby one."

This kid got way too many presents. It was a legit Birthday-Christmas morning kind of deal. Spoiled I think is what they call it...

Hadi's favorite part of the day: "Eat cake."
Favorite present: "Cineredda"

Well this wraps up the birthday talk I think. We love you Miss Hadi. You make our family so much happier and a lot more crazy! xoxo

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Brissa said...

i love her "smiling?" face and when she's a diva.