A bunch of little things

.I don't like being patient. I don't enjoy waiting and constantly re-routing my thoughts. 

.I don't like feeling helpless and not in control.

.I would like missionaries to be allowed a limited texting plan for the use of texting their sisters.

."Gratitude turns what we have into enough." Be grateful - be grateful - be grateful.

.I thank God everyday for nap time (I want this sentence to be about my own nap time).

.9 years ago my sister placed her baby up for adoption. NINE. Where in the freak world does time go? Happy Birthday Jensen! Cupcakes in your honor is so going to happen tonight.

."Ahhhh Dani your breath smells weird! I'm not kiddin, your breath smells weeird." -Brinley

.75% of my days consist of hearing made-up songs about poop. I thought that was just a "boy" thing?

."The grass is greener where you water it." 

.I saw Kimbra live. Seriously, be jealous.

.This kid makes me happy.

Thats all. Now we are off to celebrate the life lived of one great man, and the birth of a nine year old little boy - Korean-food-and-cupcake style.


Kristin said...

just thinking about you today. glad I had a minute or two to catch up on your blog. And your blog only. for real. :) You beat family out today. woo! I love hearing what you think and how you mother little Hadi. Also, I accidentally doubled my phone bill last month, so we should skype sometime. Like "let's shout at each other while we clean our houses and skype at the same time" skype. Because I'm feeling awful alone down here in TX. And I miss you.

Carlie said...

Is her hair turning strawberry blonde? I love it in the picture!

Totally know what you mean about the patient thing though. It's hard!

And if your friend lives in Dallas, we should become friends because obviously if we both are friends with you, we must be cool, right? haha =)