Picture update

I apologize for the lack of pictures on here lately. Turn's out when a toddler breaks your camera, it becomes a lot more difficult to get pictures onto your blog. Go figure. 

Which is why today's post consists of non-smart-phone-quality photos - Have a look at our October:

1. The best seat in the house | 2. Leaf girls (the younger girl is Paizlee, the one who we are nannying now) | 3. Homemade play dough | 4. Color sorting | 5. First snowfall! | 6. Play dough fun | 7. First ever Cornbelly's visit = very happy toddler and very poor parents | 8. Cousin's in dress up's (even the boy) | 9. Milking a (fake) cow! Bucket list check off! |

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Kristin said...

I miss you. ANd you are SUCH A GOOD MOM! I love seeing all the activities you do with Hadi. Also can't believe how big she is. When did THAT happen? Oh yeah, when we moved away. ugh. Either way, we will be in SLC for thanksgiving. [shhh, don't tell anyone...] We won't have a lot of time but if I HAPPEN to run into you at Toys R Us during the black friday sales....