Here's how it went down.

What the Friday?! Already?

Can I still talk about Halloween even though it's November (When the freak did that happen?)? Cus i'm gunna.

It went a little something like this:

3 nights
2 families
6 sets of friends
1 family costume
1 princess costume
1 pair of "glass" slippers
1 princess "carriage"
2 car-sized pumpkins (not really, but kinda)
1 little Mrs Princess Potato Head pumpkin
2 Halloween parades
1 wake-up-to-throw-up
5 "Johnson" hotdogs
2 meltdowns
Many tantrums
1 night of trick-or-treating
0 Tricks
1 full bucket of treats 

That "full" bucket is sitting somewhere at "half-full" now thanks to Jake and I helping Hadi. We're good parents like that.

It was all a little cRaZy, but this Halloween was good to us nonetheless. Ha, maybe it was because this was the first year Hadley actually cared about what was going on? 

Happy {late} Halloween! Now on to Thanksgiving!

(Which means THE ZOO!!)

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