I'm a Mom pt 2

Remember this?

So potty training actually started working! She finally decided it was time, and since that day there have been very few accidents (while awake). I would go as far as to say she is "potty trained" (while awake). Life is good! (while awake). 

Enter in nap time/bedtime a.k.a the worst. She will not keep her diaper on at nap time or bedtime - So we took the side off her crib and stuck a potty in her room. Problem solved, right? 


Overheard on the monitor during naptime:

H: moooommmmm I have a accident on da banket! Mommmm I have a accident.

I go in her room and notice her head is all wet.

D: Hadi why is your hair wet? What did you spill?
H: I dump it mom! I dump it on da banket and on da head and on da arms and on da yegs!

So yah. She dumped pee on her head. 

How was your day?


Carlie said...

hahaha! Oh goodness. I couldn't stop laughing when I first read this at work. I couldn't comment on it then, but I wanted to now. What a fun potty training memory to have! :) Hadi is too cute!

Brissa said...


Lauren said...

OH you poor thing...oh the joys of being a mother.

Dave and Lizzie said...

Hahahaha... Oh. my. heavens. I am dying right now. That will be a funny story someday.

Jessie said...

Bahaha! That's funny and terrible all rolled into one. I only laugh because I know I'm next.

Jeannette & Brandt said...

That is hilarious!!! Love that little girl SOO much!