The Child Whisperer

This is the most helpful parenting book I have ever read. 

This book groups children/people into 4 "types" of energy profiles: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and -wait for it....- Type 4. Hadley is undeniably a Type 1.

When reading the "Type 1" section, I literally wondered on every page if the author had met my child and then wrote the chapter when Hadley in mind. It is her to.a.T.  

The great thing is, it talks about what energy profile your child is, and then devotes an entire section telling you things like communicating with your child, how to deal/avoid tantrums, what they will be like in school and how to help and avoid issues there, potty training (minus how to get them to not dump pee on their heads), milestones, dating, how to get your child to do things like homework and chores, and soooo much more. Does this sound like a sales pitch at all?

Because it is. I want everyone to buy this book because I am obsessed. I understand Hadley's crazy, bouncy, random, happy nature so much more now and I realize the areas in which I may have been stopping it. The book is all about seeing your child for the person they are, and rather than trying to change them into "the perfect child," helping them use their natural strengths throughout life. In the beginning of the book, the author says that the first step to becoming a better parent and to having more happiness in your home is to be able to say these two sentences to your child and mean them:

"I want to help you be happy being YOU."
"I love your just the way you are."

What parent doesn't want to say those things to their child? I really, honestly, believe that this book is helping me to see those things more clearly and have tools to in order to act. It's like the instruction manual that never came when you gave birth/were handed your child - Who wouldn't want that??


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Jeannette & Brandt said...

I am putting it on hold at my library right now!