The Zoo - 2012

The annual Thanksgiving-Zoo trip keeps getting better and better every year, I swear. 

Everyone except for "Sister Missy"

Papa and the Grand-babies

The animals:

Bear closeup/ Giraffe feeding/ Momma and baby play time/ HUGE turtle 
This cute monkey kept the blanket over her the whole time we were there. And it turns out she takes it everywhere with her - including when she walks around outside. How cute is that?

Some more "animals":


I love that little babeh giraffe

Turns out the trip was too much for these next two:
To tiring
too much happiness
Birthday twinners
4 year engagement anniversary!

From the zoo-9:00ish was spent preparing last minute dishes and then stuffing our faces. Thanksgiving has to be the best holiday ever invented. SO good. And seriously, don't get me started on the (4) pies. I probably ate half of every one of them just on my own, and I already have a mental countdown going on until next year when we can meet again. YOU GUYS - Kneaders pies are INSANE.

I WILL find a way to keep talking about those pies.

Anyways.... we got to top off our night with happy bellies and a fire poi show:

So cool. Too much greatness all in one day!

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Brittany Bauer said...

Hadi on the merry-go-round kills me!!! Love that girl!