Just yesterday I was really struggling with Hadley's "behavior," as well as dealing with Paizlee's. I remember the thought coming to mind "how would I do this with two kids? How can I ever be a mother to more than one? Motherhood is just so.... everyday. No breaks. I can't do this everyday."

And today I am so sad that I felt like that. Because Motherhood and taking care of children isn't always everyday. 18 moms lost their babies today in a mass elementary school shooting. I bet many of them struggled getting their kids out the door. Maybe some of their kids had "bad behavior" and they got after them for not listening. Maybe some of them argued with their kids on the way to school. Maybe some of them had perfect mornings and they felt so grateful to be a mom. Either way, parenting that child in this life is no longer "everyday." I feel sick knowing they have to face that. I feel sad knowing that yesterday I took that for granted. I feel so overwhelmed and grateful that I get Hadley in my arms for one more day. 

This world is scary, cruel and full of hurt. But it is also full of peace and love and hope. I want to raise my children to see that 2nd option. To know the pain that fills the world, but to know that no matter how bad it gets, there is goodness all around us. For every tragedy we face, there are so many people surrounding us to help us through. God is in control - he's there. Have faith and hope and love. Be kind.  Spread it as far as our little lives can reach. I never want to forget that. 


rachel! said...

I'm just so heart sick over this. I can't even begin to imagine what it's like for you parents.

Jeannette & Brandt said...

You are such a great mom Danica!