Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012.

I really can't believe it's all over already. Like I said before, Christmas was good to us this year. And Hadley got just as spoiled as ever. A homemade doll house, a restored "princess carriage," her very own love sack (that has curiously become Jakes...) a homemade quiet book thanks to her mother (me), books, dolls, stroller, fruit snacks, more stickers than she could handle... And that's not even all of it. Freak, and I really tried to stay "lower-key" than last year. I blame some of it on extended family. They really love to spoil the kid. I mean, come on, take a look at this doll house:

She's got her Papa G wrapped around that tiny finer and right where she wants him. That thing even has a freaking hardwood floor entry way. come.on.

OH and we got to skype with Madi. Hurray! It was so great having her there for Christmas. It almost  felt like she was just back in New York.

And just because you knew it was coming, here's a billion more pictures:
 Opening presents with Uncle "Ri-ee"
 The carriage (can you see her feet in there lounging?)

Dad looks intimidated

 Hannah FINALLY found out we are going to see ED SHEERAN IN FEBRUARY. SO. HAPPY.

 This is the "auuuuggggh what do you want uncle Jake??" look. Christmas was a long day for this little one.

It was a good day. We lucked out and it turns out my other little sister, Hannah, decided to not let Madi's camera go to waste for 18 months and has been playing around with the whole Videography thing. No complaints here! We got these two gems out of Christmas time. Enjoy!

Setting up the tree:

Christmas Day:


Brittany Bauer said...

Cutest post EVER!!! I love your family! Can we join you guys next year? haha!

Tiff Berthold said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the videos!!! Hanna gets more awesome everytime I see her. haha. I love you and your family!