For the sake of keeping record..

While writing Madi some of the things Hadi has said in the past week, I realized I don't ever put them on here. What kind of a journal would this be without "kid phrases??" If only you could hear her tone of voice...

“Oh, terrific!” (who even says that word anymore?)

-While bouncing up and down I handed her a chocolate for going potty and she grabbed it saying “ohhhh es so wonderful!”

-“Dat is amaaaazing! All doze (those).” (while watching a Bad Girls Club commercial)

-"Ohhhhh es so magical!"

-She touched my forehead and said "ohhhhh I yike your batteries"

-"If you're happy and you know it....poop" 

-"yah, i wove poops"

-“Watch belle mom? Okay. Sounds good. Sounds nike-a-pwan (like a plan)”

-“Dat’s wonder-wonder-wonderful!”

-(while leaning against the door in a "cool kid" way) "Heyyy mom, what doin?" "I'm just doing my hair sweetie" "Ohhhhh, coooooool."

-"Oh yah, dat's a good idea!"

-"I yike your hair mom, es so pwetty"

-"Peace out dad. Have fun at work"


rachel said...

Hadley is going to be on Bad Girls Club 2030.....kidding! That's a nightmare!

Brissa said...

I just can't wait for her to grow up.

Steph said...

So cute love the batteries!!

Petersons said...

LOVE her! LOVE LOVE LOVE her! I do not get near enough Hadi time!.. I like how she told me " kiss my butt kiki!" and " i kiss u boobies"