Here's something..

- Let's please get sensible and bring crispy m&m's back. Puh-leeease.

- Someone please tell me that my kid is not going to be still pooping in her bed in like 5 years. There's a end to this, right? Right? RIGHT? I guess in 5 years she will be plenty capable of cleaning it up herself so I gotta be off the hook at some point.

- Prayer - Faith - Patience - Trust - Serve - Repeat

- Jake said to me the other day (about something i've already completely forgot) "I dunno, it must be a joke with 'the kids'." And to that I say "shut it down" because we are not old enough to be talking like that.

- WE HAVE CABLE. I think it might be by accident but I am not saying anything. "The Soup" - Here I come!!

- I've wanted to put very related 30 rock clips after almost every one of these bullets.

- This cold weather is killing me. But I was laughing so hard when Madi said (over our P-day emails back and forth) that it was 55 degrees and she was FREEZING, and then later that night I saw this clip.   Haha "How long will this Arctic blast last?"

- How many days is it appropriate to go without showering/getting dressed/doing anything with your hair? Be lenient please.


Lauren said...

BAHAHA...this is also the place where they think that UGGs (I have some to prove) are proper winter shoes. News flash, UGGS + snow = worst enemies.

Katy said...

I'm sure Hadi won't poop in her bed forever.

I showered today (tues). pretty sure the last time was saturday. I have put on real clothes a total of 2 days in the last 6 weeks. I have brushed my hair most days. Pony tails when going to the hospital/doctor. I wonder if my blow dryer will work when I get around to using it?

Dave and Lizzie said...

Your blog is BEAUTIFUL!!! Good luck with the accidents. Man, potty training really sucks. At least she's cute, really really cute.

Brittany Bauer said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I get when I see that you have blogged.. Like as excited as we would get when TS walked into MICU!
By the way.. Allen has also started asking me why I don't shower as often lately.. my response.. it takes WAY too much energy and I need all that energy to grow our baby! :)

Jeannette & Brandt said...

Hahahaha you're hilarious! I love this post!