Oh hey, December's over.


Christmas time for us was a slow moving whirlwind. It was wonderful and awful and magical all rolled into one. Mostly good sprinkled with yuck. Sickness strolled into our house without so much as a knock and hasn't quite been polite enough to leave. We're hanging in there though. Looking back, December really was good to us. But since I need to go wipe noses for about the thousandth time, I will just stick to pictures to show for it all.

And while we're at it, let's go ahead and make this the longest, most picture-drawn-out post of the year, yah?

1. Homemade granola | 2. Cinnamon-applesauce ornaments | 3. Yah, thats poop in her hair. Yah, we are still dealing with all of that. | 4. I delivered "The 12 Days of Catmas" | 5. Bum scratch | 6-9. Seeing the lights and Santa @ Riverwoods. Presley did not appreciate Santa as you may be able to tell in picture #9.

10. Sending ornaments to Sister Missy | 11. I GOT A POPCORN MACHINE | 12. Taking Dad by surprise | 13. Hot chocolate | 14. Popcorn & The Grinch (The right version - The cartoon one) | 15. Too much t.v. time and lap-food catering | 16. Christmas parties | 17. Reading with Papa | 18. Movin & Groovin.

Oh yah - And this Chica and I had a birthday! #6 and #25 - Betcha can't guess which turned which?
And you better believe I thoroughly enjoyed that cake.

Now maybe if we're lucky I can wrap up 2012 posts before  2013 is too much underway. I wouldn't hold your breath though.


Jessie said...

Bummer. Get better sooooon!!! I agree: the cartoon version of the Grinch is the only way to watch it.

Brissa said...

in response to poop: I was wondering how her hair got so perfectly styled.
I love that in most of the pictures she's at least half naked. THANK YOU about the right Grinch. popcorn maker!!!!!!!!

Jeannette & Brandt said...

I need your recipe for your homemade granola! It looks delish! And I just love that naked bum! Baby bums are pretty much the cutest!