"And out of all these things I've done, I think I love you better now"

Thanks for everything this year. I've got you as a partner through all of this "life stuff" and I will always be grateful for that. Thanks for sticking by my side, loving me, and helping me raise this crazy/awesome/ridiculous child we have. I love love love love (4 times, get it?) you!

Here we come year #5 - be good to us, will you?


Jessie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. And I hope whatever it is that you're going through resolves itself soon. That last post is very insightful. Thanks for inspiring me.

Lauren said...

Yay! So glad both of you guys are so happy!

Jeannette & Brandt said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the photo timeline. You guys are adorable!!!