I'm scared for my baby to become a teenager.

Non-smart phone quality. Don't judge.

It's a funny thing to be a mom to a toddler. To know someone so completely that you feel like you know everything they feel or think. I rarely question what it is exactly Hadley wants, and it's often I can anticipate exactly how she will react in any situation.

It's almost just a strange that other people don't know her like I do. Other people don't know to just avoid the fight and let her go down the stairs first, or when making anything with cheese to always make two little balls out of it for "cheese in da hands." They don't know to almost always tell her to choose the option you don't want her to pick, in order to get her to pick the other one. Or that it's pointless to put clothes and underwear on her, because she will immediately swap them for a dress-up dress.

It's strange how much I can't control my obsession with this kid. The way I do not like to be separated from her. How she can, day after day, yell things like "DON'T WOOK AT ME MOM" or  "DON'T TALK TO ME YIKE DAT" and the second she comes up and says "I ready to say sorry mom" all frustration is gone. I am a grudge holder by nature. I still won't let Kira live down the time she threw a book at my head when I was like 8. So, yah. Not being physically able to hold a grudge against this tiny child is odd.

It's sad the complete pride I feel when she quotes "WHERE'S MY MAC AND CHEESE??" to me or sings along to Ed Sheeran songs when I am not paying attention. Her being able to see one of the characters from 30 rock and say "Hey - dats da firty rock mom!" would be cause for concern in most parents. All I gots is pride over here. And lots of happiness.

I am so comfortable and confident in the way we do things around here. I know my baby and she knows me.

So what happens when she grows up and suddenly all of the above is different? When all of the sudden I don't know what she is thinking ever, and I am constantly questioning what it is that she wants? Or when everyone else, especially her friends, seem to know her better than I do? When I am suddenly holding grudges and frustrated with her teenage attitude? WHEN SHE SUDDENLY THINKS MY MUSIC IS OLD AND DUMB (not cool, kid, not cool) What happens then??


This "kids growing up" thing is the worrrrrrrrrrrrst.


M. said...

The first thing i thought was "don't borrow that trouble!" But then i realized i was entertaining thoughts about my baby girl's someday wedding yesterday... Guess its a mom thing :)

Jessica McGuire said...

I'm completely positive she'll need her Momma to "wook" at her when she comes down the stairs for prom in her princess dress.

she should wear underwear to that tho ;)