Let's make an agreement right here, you and I. Let's agree that if you see me and my child out and about, you will automatically assume Hadley's outfit was not picked by me, and that, yes, I attempted to style her hair. The result of what you will see in front of you is what optimistic people like to call "independence." But what I have come to realize that word really means is "my kid threw 4 tantrums before I gave up and said 'yah sure, do it yourself.'"There has to be a dictionary somewhere with that definition.

 sweat suit, tutu, & crazy hair
 Cinderella dress @ Target

Don't get me wrong, I would much rather my kid be strong-willed and know what she wants rather than being a pushover.. but sometimes I would just like to get her ready for the day with wanting to push her over. Kidding! but not really.

 1/2 naked 1/2 apron dancing

So this is me throwing in the towel. I have come to realize that it truly doesn't matter if my kid wears princess dresses and crowns to every store we go into, or if her hair and outfit combo makes her look slightly homeless. She's being who she is, and she is having a dang good time doing it. And by "dang good time" I mean "spilling nail polish all over that brand new dress I bought her for summer."

Cinderella dress, Brave wig

This is me looking forward so much to those awesome teenage years.


Brissa said...

that apron outfit killed in and the cinder-merida. THAT GIRL!!!! i will kidnap her or steal her but mostly be her best friend. can i?

Katy said...

I LOVE the naked/apron dancing! And it's not like you would let her out of the house like that, so that's all that matters. I hated that stage when they learned that "Do you want choice A or choice B" was not exactly the only options. She's adorable! And think of all the people who will get to smile when they see her all dressed up just to go to the grocery store!

Alex said...

Kate loves to wear leggings and tights under her shorts. I just pretend that I am super trendy and that other people just don't get it.

Jessica McGuire said...

I'd like to attend 1/2 apron 1/2 naked dancing. My kind of party. :)