Knowledge is Power

I had a realization yesterday during Sunday School. An "epiphany." Whatever you want to call it. I think I have had this realization before, but it was a good one nonetheless.

The past couple days have filled me with little doubts and worries that turned into fear. How on earth do I prepare Hadley for the world "out there?" How do I make sure she really gets all of those things that took me so long to learn? I want her to respect her body and appreciate what it is, no matter what shape it is. I need her to respect the power that her body has and to expect that respect from others. That her sexuality is so much more than what the media portrays. I want her to "be in the world but not of the world." I want her to know texting and playing on an iPhone (or whatever its 2026 equivilant is) is no replacement for real face-to-face conversation and interaction. How to manage her money without making too many mistakes. The list goes on and on. How on earth do I make sure she hears and understands it all? 

Yesterday the lesson was "teaching by the spirit." The sentence that I heard so loudly was "it is the spirit that matters most." I don't have to know how it will all happen! As long as I am listening to the spirit, I will know when each subject is necessary and appropriate. It is terrifying to raise children today. But there are so many amazing resources around me that as long as I am paying attention, I don't need to worry. I will know. 

This incredible post spoke so clearly and so loudly to me. This is what I want Hadley to know. This kind of knowledge is power. And knowing that this kind of information is out there brings me peace that I can do this. I can raise this little child to become a strong, independent, beautiful, kind, wise woman who isn't controlled by what the world says she should be. 

I can do it... right?

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Lauren said...

This is amazing and sweet. Hadley has a great mommy and she'll be thanking you when she's your age!