I have this thing. This thing where I fall in love with music. Like, in love. And I sort of obsess. Especially when it's live. Or acoustic. I think Jake might get a little jealous at times?

For our anniversary Jake *gave me tickets to Ed Sheeran's concert here in Salt Lake (*by "gave" I mean I stalked Ed Sheerans tour schedule, found a date here in Utah, and immediately bought myself a ticket... and Jake said "yah sure go ahead").

 You guys, IT'S TONIGHT.

Wish me luck. I already know I am going to cry. I've got all sorts of crazy leftover hormones/emotions hanging around that spill out in unsuspecting places (ex. Crying when Destiny's Child had a reunion on stage at the Super Bowl).

Anyone else going?? If not, don't stress. I will love it enough for the both of us. 

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