Hadi Says

H: Hey dere is a car for me!
Jake: Yeah... maybe when you are 16!
H: No Dad.... don't talk to me.

"Ima child of God, yets goooo to kiki's house. mumble mumble mumble es so much fun, we have to put clothes on..."

H: Hey mom, wook at me. No wook at my eyes mom. Wook at me.

H: *biiiig sigh* "ohhh my gosh.. Paizee we don't color on tables. I have to clean it. ohh my gosh.. Paizee we don't color on tables.. dat makes me sad.

H: We color on paper, not on waffles.

H: See mom? My boobies are asleep.... and den we go to the store with my boobies and my party, okay?"

Jake: Good morning Miss Hadi
H: Ohhhh I yike your back... And I yike your shoulder.

H: I yike your knee mom

H: shhh you have to be quiet.
Me: okay, why?
H: yah.. my toes are sleeping.

Me: Hadi say "that's cray cray"
H: um... No.

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