She's Back!

In a recent turn of events, THIS GIRL IS BACK WITH ME:

Talk about happiness, pride, excitement, missionary-awkwardness, and tears all rolled into one.

So, so proud of her, and SO SO EXCITED to have her back.

(more pictures and, of course, a video to follow)


Lauren said...

Oh my goodness! I felt like she just left! this is amazing!

Jeannette & Brandt said...

How is she back already?!! Wow! That went by so fast!

Jessica McGuire said...

Yay yay yay ! I'm so happy for her, and you :)

ps. can we talk about how she's the poster child for Sister Missionary fashion? uh hello?! Babe.

in a non awkward sense.


Carlie said...

Welcome home to your sister! I hope she adjusts back to "normal" life easily! Why did she come home early? I hope she isn't sick! My friend caught some mold thing out East on her missh that still troubles her. That's just me being nosy, so you don't have to answer. =) Anyways, I'm glad she is home with you!