So, spring break didn't exactly go as planned.

 on the road

The plan was to take all the great-grands up to see my Grandma now that she's all alone.

The plan was to let the kids run around, having fun, soaking up vitamin D, while we relaxed and smiled.

The plan was to fish, go see movies, eat a lot of food - all the good stuff.

The plan was also to make it there and back with no problems.

But, turns out most of that didn't happen.

Pretty much everyone was puking the week leading up to the trip. But luckily, we made it up to see my Grandma, which was the most important part. The rest we just sort of ad-libbed as we went along. It rained/snowed a lot (not to mention it was freeeeezing), so we stayed inside and read/slept/watched tv/talked/ran around squealing at the top of our lungs. Well, okay, the last part was just the kids. It was fun though getting to talk to my Grandma about family gossip from "back in her day." Those Grandparents man, they know how to gossip!

Jake also got sick the day he got there, and I was still fighting stuff off. So there was a lot of down time and t.v. watching. And I finished an entire book (so, so good)! After Conference was over, we packed up and got ready to head home. And that's when things really decided to go not as planned. Long story short...:

Hole in tire= driving home on a spare tire at 55 mph = wrong size spare tire = a no-no in all wheel drive = broken down on the side of the road = tow truck = 400 dollars in new tires = spending an extra night in Soda Springs = Car still broken = Jake's dad driving up and towing us home in his trailer. Did you catch all that?

getting towed back to Utah

So all in all, a weekend trip to Idaho ended up costing us 800 bucks. Awesome.

But we had fun? And there were smiles most of the trip - except when I cried about the car. And except for the sick part. And the money. But we made it home, our car is fixed, and all the kids got a whole lot of Grandma GG lovin. So it's all good.

 "here Dani, because you love Liz Lemon" - Brin
 Vacations = sugar cereal
 Gambling. Of Course. I won 12 bucks!

They got my Grandpa's headstone in! 
 Window Markers

 Going to "Mexican" as my Grandma calls it

 Cleaning the tub with the shower. Effective.
 She fell asleep reading - oh be still my heart

 Poker during conference. Of course

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Lauren said...

I am loving Hadley's face when she's on the headstone with the cousins. She is your child! I love it!