That one time when someone broke into our house.

Let's talk for a minute how scary it is to wake up to hearing voices outside your bedroom door.
And how scary it is to realize someone broke into your house and is right outside your door.
Or how frightening it is to know that they are standing in between you being able to protect your daughter sleeping in the next room. 

We are so grateful.
Grateful this man didn't have a weapon.
Grateful I had my phone available to call 911 and that we had a kind, calm dispatcher to assure us police we in the area already looking for this guy.
Grateful this guy was so wasted he had no idea what was going on or who's house he was in.
Grateful that when the guy pushed open our bedroom door, Jake at least had a bat to help chase him down the stairs and out of our house.
Grateful to the police on duty that night that were right outside our door when the man ran out of our house. Took him down - handcuffed him - bam. done. #reallifeepisodeofcops
Grateful that our miss Hadley was safe and asleep the whole time. 

You guys - We. Are. So. Lucky. This whole thing could have been so much worse.

And while I am grateful for all of that listed above (and I really am so, so, thankful).. I would rather not have to fill out a police statement form at midnight in my kitchen ever again. I get that I am supposed to be learning a whole bunch of lessons here, but holy freak 2013. Let's turn it down a few notches. We're only in April for heavens sakes..

Oh, and let's also talk about how I am going to make Hadley sleep in our room from now on until she's married. Because it's gonna happen.


Brissa said...

i'm so glad you are all okay! i can't even imagine how scary that must have been!!!

Katy said...

Oh my. So glad that ended well. Scary scary.

Jeannette & Brandt said...

Oh my gosh...I had the chills the whole time reading that. I cant even imagine how scared you must have been. Wow. So sorry that happened to you guys!!!

Brittany Bauer said...

Holy crap!!! You need dual control on all of your doors and windows!! Glad you are all okay!!!

Carlie said...

OH my gosh! That is terrifying! I am so glad you are okay!

rachel said...


I can't even form real sentences after reading that! I'm so happy you are all safe! I hope you start feeling safe again soon!

steph said...

Seriously?? That is horrifying! So glad you and your family are safe!!!

Dave and Lizzie said...

Holy COW! So glad you guys are ok! That had to be the WORST feeling ever.

Richard DellaFera said...

Burglary is truly a terrifying thought, especially when it intrudes and assaults one's place for shelter and calm. The best we could do is to not let ourselves be cowed by it. Glad you guys are all safe and sound. Now, its time for you to get to the bottom of it and make sure that the proper judgements have been laid down.

Richard Della Fera @ RDF Attorney

Sophie French said...

I think the most important lesson you should learn from this horrible experience is that you have to be tighter with your house’s security. It was obviously not enough before, given that a wasted guy was able break in so easily. If you don’t have an alarm system, you could at the very least adopt a guard dog to keep burglars and the like at bay. Stay safe!

Sophie French @ San Diego Alarm Systems