Disney On Ice

If it hasn't been made apparent already, Hadley+Princesses= Happy. Despite all my attempts to buy gender neutral things an encourage a childhood of being a tom boy (after her mother, of course), this dear child has made it very clear she will do whatever she pleases while wearing a dress+crown+wand. 

When we got the opportunity to snatch up discount Disney On Ice tickets, it really was a no-brainer. 
The Princesses
pre-show dinner
Princess and The Frog

Cinderella (Hadi's fav)


Potty break

I was a blubbering mess. I think i cried like 5 times. I get that Disney princesses and "pink culture" is overtaking the lives of girls these days. Believe me, I am a big advocate for getting out in the dirt and playing hard in nature without the dolls and dresses. But being there in that arena with all those wide-eyed kids, you couldn't deny that, to them, what they were seeing was pure magic. There wasn't another way to describe it other than "magical."

Getting to see life through your child's eyes can rock your world, but it sure makes you cry a whole lot.

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Katy said...

It looks so fun! Our magical evenings usually involve sporting events, which luckily I love. I'm looking forward to having a girl and trying some girly things.