For you

This guy means a lot to me. 

All I wanted out of life was to be a wife and a mother. I realize that might not sound incredibly ambitious, but there is nothing that appealed to me more --  nothing that showed me more about what I am capable of and what I love the very most. That guy up there helped to give me both of those titles. And he helps me everyday become more of the person I am. I like sharing that with him. 

Day in and day out, there is no one else I want to raise our (not so) baby with. Just seeing her face light up the second she hears Jake unlocking the door after work could make me forget any disagreement we ever had. 

Thanks Jake - for being "daddy" and for giving Hadley and me everything we could ever need. We love you so much.

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Courtney B said...

This is so sweet! I love what you said about seeing your daughter light up and when daddy comes home, it just makes you erase and feelings of anger/hurt/whatever argument or disagreement you just had go away!! I am reminded how lucky I am to be married to the best daddy ever!
You all are a beautiful family!!