And They're Off..

 Friday night meant she was off on her first ever camping trip. With just Dad - not Mom.
I'm pretending I wasn't super hormonal crying about it. Sometimes my momornes (mom-hormones. Go with it) are a bit out of control.
And so while they laid in a tent and picked their noses (hadi):
I got two orders of the best Korean food around, and laid on the couch watching Say Yes to The Dress till 11:00 at night. 
It seemed like the mature thing to do at the time. 

The good news is Hadi slept all night in the tent (!!?!) and they both came back in one piece, with only minor complaints about each other. And I had Korean leftovers. So that's a pretty big success story in my book.


Jessie said...

Yes, successful! Hadi is a doll.

Brittany Bauer said...

Ok Hadi is just so cute! Those pictures are adorable! I really can't believe we didn't think to call each other to hang out!!

Lauren said...

i seriously cannot get enough of your child.

Brissa said...

I have never had Korean food but that looks amazing. I love say yes to the dress. can this be our double date?