Let me tell you how much is getting done around here:


A whooollllle lotta nothing. Summer thus far has passed by in a horribly hot haze, which translates into "we stay in doors as often as possible." Do people actually go outside anymore? I have no idea because we literally stay in doors at all times. How do people not melt the second they open their front door??

Here is some proof that despite my best efforts to never leave my house, I did take my kid out at some point within the last...few months:

Visiting Dad at work for lunch
Gurgs and Hadi
The top of the Wells Fargo Building
 Slave labor
 New outfit choices

 Fishing with Dad

Splash Pad 

 Swimming with Papa G

Swimming lessons

So not all bad huh? And if I print this post into our blog book, Hadley will never ever know we spent 98.9% of her summer out of the sun and in front of a fan. 

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Jessica McGuire said...

Solid effort, I choose fan all day everyday