The White Wagon

It's the end of an era.

The time of "The White Wagon" has ended. 
It was sad letting it go and remembering how long it had been apart of our family, and how many memories it was a part of. Except when I asked people to send me memories about the white car, madi said "I dunno, I just think of Aspen (our dog)." And I'm pretty sure the only memory she is talking about is seeing this picture haha:
So, maybe there aren't that many memories. But look how little I was when we got the car!

That's a long time people. That little trooper has been through each of us learning to drive/learning to drive stick, been passed down through 4 owners besides my dad, and somehow kept running even when we thought it was surely dead.

By the time Jake was its owner, it's life was diminishing - blinkers didn't really work, no heat, no A/C, radio busted, ceiling fabric falling in, cv axles ready to bust... reeeeeeal safe car.

But SOMEONE BOUGHT IT from us. Paid us CASH for it - real money! We were shocked. So we all said goodbye:

(minus madi because she was still on her mission at the time)

And bought this little lady instead:

Proud new owner - driving it home for the first time

 Besides that whole "I'm going to break down on you and make you pay lots of money" thing that happened in Idaho, we've been loving every second of having TWO cars that we OWN that have A/C, heat, AND a radio. We are living the life of luxury over here.

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Tiff Berthold said...

Tiff's White Wagon memory: Driving it from PGHS to your parent's house when we were 17. It was my first time driving a stick. Ever. Remember driving in front of me and showing me which gear to shift to with your finger out the window? Haha. Those were the days!