And then my heart hurt (advice please!)

So, we're going through the "there's a monster coming, I can't go to sleep" stage at our house right now. Which also means we are going through the "mom and dad are too tired to function" stage. I'm having these horror flashbacks to the first 18 sleepless months of Hadley's life (heaven help this new baby to sleep). I thought we might have figured it out a few weeks ago when, after finding her up playing in her room with the light on at 3 am too scared to sleep because of the "monster robot," we gave her a flashlight to sleep with. It was working pretty well.. until it wasn't. Take last night for example:

She was in bed, and we were going through our usual "but wait mom let me tell you one more thing" routine. I finally turned on her Raffi songs and shut the door. She was crying a little, but nothing too dramatic. And then all of the sudden she got hysterical and when I went in to her room, she was huddled up in her blanket shining her flashlight around her room terrified telling me she was "so scared" and there was a monster coming. So we talked it out for a while. Then Jake came in and they talked it out for a while. He told her to tell the monsters to "go away or your daddy will come and get them." After he walked out, we waited about 10-15 seconds and then heard her shaking little voice yell "Monster, go away or my daddy will come get you. DAD. DAD! (she was sobbing) I said it, Dad come back!" He went in and they talked it out some more, and he left her room again. We sat listening at the monitor to her quiet little sobs and then we heard this"

(shaking, crying voice) "Dear Heavenly Father, please help me to not be scared. Please help me to feel better. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

HEART=BROKEN. Seriously, I think I literally felt my heart break a few cracks. So she was crying, and I was crying, and I'm at a loss for what to do. We let her sleep with the door open last night, but it didn't really prove to be the best solution. The main issue is she is scared of sleeping in her room and she is positive she is seeing things in there. Ever since we stopped co-sleeping around 6 months, she has never again slept well in our bed. So that isn't an option. But for the sake of everyones sanity - and my broken mommy heart, we have to figure something out.

Any advice??


Kendra Fromm said...

My mom gave our monsters a job. We named them and used them for things. For instance, my brother named his gumball and he turned the lights green in the car. Every time the light was red he would ask gumball to turn it green. Worked great!

Jessie said...

Awww, so sweet! I have absolutely no advice for you here though. Poor girl.

Brissa said...

I (obviously) have no advice. sorry. all I can do is tell you you guys are doing a bang up job as parents. hadi is three (3!!!) and she already knows she can turn to her Heavenly Father for help. keep on keepin on I guess and know I think you're great.

Carlie said...

A lady I babysat for had a monster be gone spray bottle. It was filled with a "special monster killer" liquid (water). Maybe that will help? It's pretty sweet that she knows she can pray though.