Loving lately

+ ^^That kid's face
+ Evening walks with an audio book. Me and baby pretend that's "prenatal exercise."
+ Hadley's face and voice whenever she is talking about something "oooooohhh soooooooo tiiiiiiiiiiny."
+ Reading and singing to both my babies. Lately when I've been reading or singing with Hadley, baby boy starts moving all around letting us know he's listening. 
+ Cool air and breezes. I have been CRAVING this fall like never before. Crisp fall air makes my heart feel full.
+ Fall time means pumpkin chocolate chip muffins which means you needed my moms recipe like, yesterday.
+ My scripture study journals have made a come back now that daily vomiting was kind enough to leave. I can count on a good day with slightly more balanced hormones if I start my morning in those books.
+ The iPod touch I took/was given/kind of forced from my sister which means INSTAGRAM, typing this blog post from bed, and whatever dang app I please. Life is gooooood.
+ Jake.
+ Sleep. Anytime, anywhere.
+ Hadley's prayers: "we are grateful to going to dance class and we are grateful to going to preschool, and we are grateful for baby brother and dat he will be so happy for me to be da big sister hadi..." 
+ Joshua Radin - In concert - in 13 days.
+ Watching Hadi at dance class. Picture 10 little girls with tutus and dance shoes running around with the teacher, and then one toddler off to the side, obliviously enjoying watching herself "shake it" in the mirror. Now times that by 30 minutes and guess which one is my kid. Best $25 we ever spent.
+ THE RETURN OF TV. Parenthood, Greys, Scandal, etc.: I'm coming for you.
+ Quotes and affirmations. Got any good ones for me?


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Jessie said...

Yay for instagram! I just got me an account this summer too. :) Love this little update, especially the one about dance class. Haha!

Cassidy said...

I heart Parenthood. I should have known you would too.