The Birthday

This year we kept things pretty simple. No pinterest-worthy parties over here, the motto of the day was "keep it simple and make it fun for a 3 year old." And it turns out 3 year olds have fun even without party favors and coordinating dessert tables. Who knew? So this tired pregnant lady went with "less is more" and we didn't look back.
We slept in till about 9:30 (bless her) and then checked out pictures of the past year that were hung up (she kind of really likes herself). Next up was her requested "pancakes with da sprinkles and apple juice" on the red plate.
We gave Hadley a few options of what she wanted to do during the day and she picked swimming with her cousins. The Provo rec center was just completely re-done and it has the best kids swimming area. The best part is it's inside, so it didn't matter that we had rain throughout the day.
She had so much fun there and there was a lot that she was able to do by herself, which is a major plus for both her AND me.
After the pool we hit up the mall for chick-fil-a and then headed home for naps (minus the sleeping part, and add in playing in her room for 2 hours). And then it was party time up at Grandma's house!
 *side note* When Hadi put on the Tinkerbell costume and the wings, we all started asking her excitedly what she thought. She wouldn't say anything but had a glazed, out of focus look in her eyes, and her arms kept slowly moving in an almost-flexing sort of way. I thought she was going to throw up. Just then her face started slightly shaking from concentration and it hit me that she was trying to "believe" her little fairy wings into flight. Poor girl was just waiting for her wings to start fluttering.
 At the end of the day I think we can call birthday #3 a success. It's taken me 4 months to finally finish this post and she is still talking about her "pink birfday."What more can you want?

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