Baby Gage

That little guy has been here only 2 weeks and he's already so much a part of this family. I can't get enough of holding that tiny little body - Why are newborns so addictive??
My sister, Kira, brought this little man into our family last Friday, 11/01/13 at 11:43 AM. And thanks to our family being crazy, we all got to be there for it. Alllll 13 of us. Talk about insane. And awesome. We were all there to wish him a happy birthday just moments after he was born and, seriously, all that was missing was the cake.

Madi wrote such a sweet post about his birthday, and her and hannah put together a gorgeous video of it all. It's fortunate to have that kind of skill set in the family, don't you think?

And if all of that isn't enough to make a 29 week along pregnant person want to have her baby, I don't know what will. My arms are aching. But thankfully I've got this sweet face to fill them until the holidays are over and we are get our baby-having time on.

We love you Mr Gage - Welcome to the family!


Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, I'm pretty sure he's like a perfect looking baby. Straight from the womb. is that awkward to say? "straight from the womb"?

Tiff Berthold said...

I LOVE these videos that Madi... and now Hanna! do! I mean, I really, really love them. Your family is so great. I love how close you all are. (I might be jealous :P)

Jessie said...

Oh, that video made my eyes tear up! How precious. Those eyes.