Hadi Says

+ (after I kissed her finger "owie" better) "Thank you for not eating my finger..."

+ (The plumber walked passed us to replace our water heater) "I don't like that guy mom" ...

+ "You're whiskers are so cute, mom" (The hair on my stomach. Thanks pregnancy)

+"Hey Hadi?"

   "I'm not Hadi."
   "Who are you?"
   "I'm the princess Cinderella."
   "Hey Cinderella?"
   "Cinderella is not talking to you right now."

+"Come on moon, let's take you home."

Me: K hurry Hadi cuz I really need to go potty when you are done
    H: um.. no, you can go pee in the bathtub.

+ Papa G: Hadi can you give eli (the dog) a kiss?
   H: No I don't kiss dogs, I only kiss frogs

+ Me: So, Heavenly Father told Lehi that Nephi and his brother needed to go allllll the way back to      their home in Jeruselum."
    H: Ohhh, because they were naughty?

+Me: It's time to go potty and get in bed sweetie
   H: (crying) nooooo I can't go potty. Because princesses do not go potty.

+"Hold on mom, first I need to watch football with Dad."

+ "When rain comes on our cheeks, that means we are sad."

+ H: Bye mom, I'm going to play with my friends."
   Me: Oh okay, bye. What friends are you going with?
   H: No, don't ask me what friends I am going with...

+ "Hey Mom? I think I wish I could have a waffle in my hand..."


Kristin said...

Hahahahaha this is so great

Brissa said...

I think I wish I had a waffle (fry) in my hand too, hadi.

Lauren said...

your kid! i just can't get enough!