Part of Your World

Alllll day, everyday. At least 20 times a day.

Part of Your World from danica rugg on Vimeo.

I have never heard the same song, at the same volume, with the same passion, that many times in my whole life. Not even that dang Rihanna "Pon de Replay" song (how is that song still playing on the radio?). Once during her naptime (I timed it), she sang it on repeat for an entire hour.

The only regret with this video is that it's lacking the normal dance moves. Just envision floor work, twirls, poses, and a few leaps here or there. Girlfriend really knows how to commit when she performs.


Brissa said...

How does she look tall enough to be five?!?!?!!!!!!
The more videos you post, the more you talk about her, the more I visit you guys, the more I love her.

Courtney B said...

Oh my word!! LOVE her!
And now I kind of can't wait for Mia to get a little older so that I can video her doing cute stuff like this :)