Not a lot of words this birthday, just a lot of feelings. The closer I get to bringing this little boy into our family the more I feel like I'm pulling inward. Becoming more of an observer of everything around me instead of a participant. That made this birthday a little different, but wonderful all the same. I was surrounded the entire day by my favorite people and I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Surprise birthday doughnuts for breakfast
 He surprised me by staying home from work and he put my shoes on for me. It was a good morning.
 Bum scratcher
 Birthday Buddy
too much food.

I just realized I forgot a picture with the other birthday girl, so, boo. Next year I guess. I'm so grateful for birthdays and for all the people I get to spend them with. And for birthday blog posts that make me cry lots of hormonal tears. And for the baby that I will get to actually hold on my next birthday instead of just feel stretching the limits of my uterus.

Also, I apologize for saying uterus. 

Happy 26th to me - I'm thinking of making this next year the best one yet.


M. said...

Haha, I love that you apologized for "uterus". I'm glad that you had a lovely day! And I remember the blessing that is someone else putting on your shoes. Not too long now, girl! Happy Birthday!

Lauren said...

Happy birthday! uterus. you kill me every time!