Her First Recital

I've got to remember to buy the $5 DVD of that whole recital because I have never seen someone who was so thrilled to be on stage and who loved the spotlight that much. I would have been terrified at the age of 3 to be in dancing in front of that many people. Freak, I would be just as terrified at 26. But Hadley? I'm pretty positive it never crossed her mind to be scared. Her face was full of "yeah, I'm going to be a little shy about this, but we all know that I am rocking this." And to be fair, she totally was. I've never wanted to be a "dance mom," but if I've got years ahead of watching that girl be that happy then sign me up.

Also, can I just say how fun it was to give her flowers afterwards? Because really, being a parent is the coolest.

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