I'm hiding in a bathroom

To all you moms who miraculously survived the age of "three,"

I stand in awe and applaud you. But seriously, majorly impressed over here. I would gladly sing you praises as well, but Hadley would probably tell me to "stop singing that please."

So for now, my pregnant self and I will continue hiding out in the bathroom and crocheting until the screaming/whining/ATTITUDE stops. Feel free to send food or drink this way- I have a feeling I'm gonna be in here for a while.


Brissa said...

That little diva. She probably just wants to dance for fellow restaurant patrons. Barefoot. With her pretzels.
Stay strong. Sending you mental cheese squares!

Tiff Berthold said...

I'm so glad I can live parenthood vicariously through you ;). You're my hero. I know it's the next day and all (and hopefully you were able to emerge from the bathroom) but I'd gladly send pizza still!