Never alone

It's a funny thing really, looking around you and seeing things in life that recently felt so grounded and set in stone, suddenly circling up around you. Recognizing, and then accepting, to live without control of every detail is even harder than I thought it would be.

Sure, there are parts of myself that I see stretching and growing as a result of it all. There is a bigger picture and I can see that I am being molded to fit just perfectly into it. That feels worth it. The other part? Just straight up uncomfortable. Frustrating, uneasy, agitating. I'm the new girl in town to a lot of these feelings and its all too unfamiliar. Then go tightly weave pregnancy hormones throughout it all and you've got yourself an interesting mix.

The unknown, and the "just sit it out and wait" answers are not where my strengths lie. But I'm finding that regardless of what parts of me are solid and sure, my strength is found in my faith.

"He stands at all my tomorrows." No matter what my tomorrow's bring - happiness, pain, blessings, or more waiting - He stands at each morning ready for what it takes to get me through the day. 

All the worry, the unknown, the unfamiliar - the fear and the stress are lessened because I know he is already standing ahead of me at each thing headed my direction.

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Jessie said...

I love your posts. Thank you. Best wishes for a better tomorrow.