37 vs 37

Can you spot the difference?

I'm a little bigger this time around - more pokey-outie. A lot less make up/getting ready. Much different camera. But the biggest difference is the girl in the first verses the girl in the second. In only 3 years, so much has changed. She's grown - I've grown. I don't know that girl in the first photo all that well. Looking at the person I was before becoming Hadley's mom, and before living the past 3 years of my life makes me wonder what's in store for me in the next 3 years. 5 years? 10? It's a little terrifying, exhausting, and exciting all rolled into one. 

But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. One day at a time, right?

3 more weeks... 3 more weeks....3 more weeks....

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Jessie said...

It IS crazy how much becoming a mom changes us. But I mostly like the changes I see in myself. Motherhood is a good thing.