A Letter

Miss Hadi,

I've avoided writing this letter for a while now. I knew I wanted to write something here, I just didn't quite know what. This little brother of yours is coming to our family any day now, which means that "big sister" badge is officially going to be yours. I'm thrilled, excited, nervous, and emotional all rolled into one. I used to feel so much guilt thinking of taking the "only child" title away from you, but I've since realized how much you thrive on being around other people and I know how much happiness this is going to give you. It will be rough - I'm not naive. You are Hadley Skye Rugg and I have been your mother for 3 years and almost 5 months - I am well aware of the intensity that comes with all new situations we encounter. But I can see it in those big brown eyes of yours, the only trait you and I share, that you are so ready for this. As much of a challenge as it is, I have never loved something as much as I love being your mom. You have this way of seeing and experiencing the world that is completely new to me, and I'm lucky enough to stand there next to you and watch it all happen. Is this the same way it's going to feel with your brother? I can't wait for us to figure that all out together.

Be sweet to him. Teach him all the things you know (except for maybe all the poop talk) and everything you love. Show him how to dance like everyone is watching and you just don't even care. Look out for him and stand up for him. Let's put all of that stubbornness and very determined personality of yours to good use. Make sure he always knows that you love him and that you are his friend no matter what. And don't forget to listen to him once in a while. He just might teach you as much as you teach him.

"Miss Hadi, Miss Hadi," I love you like crazy. I don't know how exactly we got paired up together, but if you had any say in the matter, I'm so grateful you chose me. Be patient with me through all of this, and remember it's my first time at all of it too. Let's have the best time ever welcoming this boy into our family, what do you say?

As Papa would say - "What do you always remember?"



Jessie said...

Such a sweet letter! I remember all those feelings of anxiety waiting for our second baby to arrive. It's going to be wonderful. :)

Tiff Berthold said...

I love reading all of your mommy posts, they make me excited to me a mom someday too. :)