And then my heart exploded

snuggling my sick baby on Christmas

It was so minuscule, the whole thing lasted maybe 7 seconds. I was folding laundry when you ran up to play the game of "suddenly feel the need to wear EVERYTHING in the "Hadi" pile RIGHT THIS SECOND." Why I continue to even fold your clothes ever is something I'll never understand. I saw my sunflower blanket sitting in the basket and knew that it would still be hot after just coming out of the dryer. I pulled you in with a "guess what?" and wrapped you up tight so you were warm from your shoulders to your toes. Maybe it was just the pregnancy hormones, helped along by Sara Bareilles playing in the background, but holding you wrapped in a blanket my mom made for me, and watching your face light up while you whispered excitedly "it's warm and hot!" made my heart the best kind of happy.

It's those tiny things - the ones you never plan, the ones never weighed down with expectations - that overwhelm you with gratitude to be a parent. Because for 7 seconds you get to feel something sacred and overflowing with too much "feeling" for words. And no amount of having to hide from your screaming toddler in the bathroom can take that away.


Kati said...

So beautiful!

Jessie said...

You are the cutest. You just put into words how I feel almost everyday--for about 7 seconds each.

M. said...

Thats so sweet. Such a great moment, and you captured it in a fantastic way!