Heaven help me.

Breathe. Breathe. Don't yell, be calm. BUT I WANT TO YELL. But breeeeaaaaattthhhe.

You know those times when you have a baby that won't sleep? And you spend most of the night trying not to move or breathe funny because any sudden changes will wake him? And then the next morning you fiiiiiiiiiiinally get him in a deep, peaceful sleep, but your toddler decides to start yelling and grunting, which then leads to her wrapping herself completely around your leg so that when you go to set him in his swing you can't get up and just fall back down? And then her yelling wakes the baby up? And alllll of the attitude started because you said you would have to wait to tie her shoes until you were done nursing?

Not a fan of those times.

It will be a true miracle if we all make it out of this phase alive.

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Katy said...

So sorry Dani. You will get through this. Good luck