Big sister

Miss Hadi is adjusting pretty well to the role of big sister, and the attitude is finally going back down to it's normal levels (although "normal" is pretty high for us.. girlfriend has got attitude down ridiculously well). She seems to be taking it seriously and doing her best to teach Carsen the important things in life.

Like how to effectively pick your nose,
How to do a proper curtsy in the necessary attire,
How to get away with not showering, but still washing your hair,

And how to say no to a selfie.
I can tell she has his best interest at heart, and really, they kind of are the cutest:


Kati said...

So cute! That last picture is adorable!

Jessie said...

Okay, Hadi is officially a hoot. Washing her hair in the puddle about made me die of laughter. What a fun big sister.

Sarah said...

Hahaha best big sister!