"If we’re a global church, we’ve got to get out there and we’ve got to recognize the beauty in other people and we’ve got to recognize what they have to offer us. Not just what we have to offer them. It doesn’t have to be about conversion. It can be about learning and recognizing that other people have things that we don’t have and other people have things they can teach us."

You have to go check out this article/interview. It's long, I get it. But so worth your time. Then after your done, let's all sit down and talk about it because I'm dying to know what you think. Deal?

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Jessie said...

LOVED the article. I think a lot of girls in the LDS faith feel like they have to fit into this tiny box: college, husband, babies... etc. But it's not true! The gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone and our potential as human beings is limitless!

As for the Church? It's full of traditions; that's all they are. And as good and helpful as those traditions are, they aren't for everyone. In other words, it's okay to go against the grain. There are multiple ways to live a Christ centered life.

I'm happy for the author and a little jealous of her brave traveling.

What's your opinion on the article?