One (month)

You can see it in his eyes that he appreciates the hand-stitched binding. You're welcome baby.

At one month old this kid can poop, pee, eat, puke and cry - all like a total champ. Talk about advanced. As for sleeping? Well let's just take a moment and praise the human who thought up the baby swing.. Because that's the only way it's been happening.

Oh! And he's already sworn his allegiance to me.
(Future blackmail)

Happy one month squeaks - We made it!


Brissa said...

HAND STITCHED BINDING?! teach me how to be incredible. That quilt is absolutely beautiful.
You did it!!!

Katy said...

One month down, I think it's the hardest month. Way to grow little man! Adorable quilt too, super impressed lady over here!

Mariah Magagnotti said...

Very nice quilt, exceptionally nice baby. Congrats on making it!! You're acing this mom-of-two thing!

Jessie said...

Bahaha. You are too cute and too funny! And that's one really cute quilt.