Yesterday was no good. Too much frustration, too many feelings. So many arguments and meltdowns from the toddler/teenager. How does she have that much fight packed down into that small little body? I will never quite understand how a 3 year old can bring a grown adult to a fetal position. It just straight up does not make sense. But there I was, holding the crock pot lid open, talking myself down from throwing something across the room, all from my interaction with that beautiful and infuriating face in front of me. Never have I loved something so much that made me want to scream so often. 

But bedtime came, jake got home, and I cooled down. And as I crawled into bed last night, my knees met first a musical key toy, followed by a baby doll, and all the exhaustion and stress of the day melted into a big tired puddle of gratitude. I love that child and her afternoon of make believe that took place in my room. 

I feel so grateful for this life.


Mariah Magagnotti said...

Bless you, mama, fighting the brave fight of raising a 3 year old and loving her well.

Jessie said...

I have felt the exact same way some days. What little paradoxes they are! Bless you, mama!