Here's to you Dad

My family is good at having birthdays one right after the other. Today is this man's 55th and I have no idea where I'd be without him. He's number one on my list for advice, and in my mind, he's got all the answers. Doesn't every kid think that? Except I'm 99% positive it's true. 

For all the nights of you reading to me before bed, giving me a love of reading and always recommending the best books, funding all of those years of cheer (when we all knew that was going no where), bringing me home that mask from New Orleans on one of your work trips (is that even where it was from?), Daddy-daughter dates, being an example of faith and love and service, Fathers blessings, loving my babies, loving me, Korean lunch dates, letting us start a preschool in your basement, and everything that falls in between - Thanks Dad. I love you.

Happy Birthday! 

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smwaters said...

Thanks! It's great to be your dad. It's also great to be grandpa.